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Encrypted social sports industry giant SocialSportLeagues launched the NFT market. Traditional sports stepped into the Web3 field

The crypto sports industry giant SocialSportLeagues has launched the NFT market product "WorldCupQuizGame-NFT". It will provide Ethereum-based in-game digital assets, including NFT tickets, and other Web3 games.

SocialSportLeagues announced the launch of its NFT marketplace in November, completing a phased goal of its transformation plan. SocialSportLeagues will launch a $10 million grant to support Web3 sports engagement users.

To motivate users, SocialSportLeagues gives users a share of 8%-14.4% of promotional sales. In addition, it gives users the right to enter the 2022 World Cup Quiz and provides a reward of up to 30% of the prize pool to the first-place user of the quiz points.

Mikhail Antonovich, the founder of SocialSportLeagues, pointed out that launching NFT quiz games during the 2022 World Cup can help players get the chance to win big prizes with the lowest cost of entry.

"We offer hundreds and thousands of FreeMint NFTs and more top Web3 sports games while maintaining a top-notch experience for players," he said.

At the same time, SocialSportLeagues has been working on several Web3 sports integration plans, including major leagues, NBA, and other well-known events.

Recently, SocialSportLeagues also announced a strategic partnership with exchanges HUOBI and OKX.