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KRYZASwap, Hungary’s First DEX With a Presaled Native Token Has Just Launched!

The team behind KRYZA Network has announced the new development on their social platform.

KRYZASwap, a brand new defi swap is under development for several months now by the developers of KRYZA but yesterday, they announced that is going to be live in May, 2022.

KRYZASwap token is under PRESALE phase right now, you can grab yours by clicking this link:

This is the first DEX in Hungary which has its own token under presale. The presale of the token guarantees success for the early investors, this is how the team is trying to honorate their trust in the project.

The presale has started on the 7th of May and will end on the 28th of the same month. If you are considering, you still have a few days left but it is better to hurry as the price will potentially grow after the official launch of the token. You can check it here:

If you are seeking for other functions on KRYZASwap, you will have a bunch of opportunities to handle your crypto there, like standard trading, liquidity farming, or even searching up the tokens of newly registrated companies on the platform.

While the monthly burns of KRN token continues, KRYZA also keeps up its marketing strategy to generate more lead to its existing platforms, KRYZA Network and KRYZA Education.

Until the waiting is over, sign up to KRZYA Network to get notified about the latest announcements as early as you can: or search through online courses or premium chart analysises at KRYZA Education.