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Bitcoin Gold 51% attack highlights the weaknesses of proof-of-work
Israeli Regulators Request Feedback to Foster Blockchain Innovation
Ukraine Plans to Track Suspicious Crypto Transactions Above $1,200
Who Funds Bitcoin Developers?
Renowned analysts comment on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP as the uptrend resumes
This Class of Once Hyped Altcoins Is Headed To Zero
Crypto News Roundup for Jan. 27, 2020
Crypto Listing and Delisting Announcements: Week 4
Bitcoin Breaks 7-Month Downtrend But Must Clear These Hurdles to $10K
Bitcoin Can Learn These Key Lessons from Cash
Tron CEO Gets Blasted For Kobe Bryant Post
Bitcoin is Officially About To Enter a Bull Market
Ditto Music Unveils New Blockchain-Based Tools to Help Untangle Split Royalties
Russian State-Run Tech Firm to Decrease Spending on Blockchain by 50%
Iran Issues Over 1,000 Licences for Crypto Mining + More News
Energy Blockchain’s Most Obvious Use Case Is Not What You Think
Billionaire Investor Tim Draper: If You're a Millennial, Buy Bitcoin
Crypto Market Sentiment Drops, BTC and ETH in Positive Zone
Top Bitcoin Benefits Naysayers Need to Know
Bitcoin Gold hit by 51% attacks, $72K in cryptocurrency double-spent
Ripple’s XRP ‘Expected to See a Major Devaluation’: Boom Bust Anchor
Deutsche Bank: Crypto Won’t Kill Cash Anytime Soon
Bitcoin Ducks Deep Pullback against Euro and One Strong Fundamental Could be Behind It
Israel’s Securities Regulator Asks Private Sector for DLT Proof-of-Concepts
Iranian Authorities Have Issued 1,000 Licenses for Cryptocurrency Mining
Lebanon’s Financial System is Crumbling, And It Shows What Bitcoin Can Do
Over 1,000 Bitcoin Miners Granted Licenses in Iran: Report
Why the Bitcoin Cash ‘Dev Tax’ is a Colossal Mistake
Maintaining Transaction Privacy in the Age of Government Blockchain Analysis
Top 5 Crypto Regulatory Developments Of 2019
Iran Issues 1,000 Crypto Mining Licenses
‘Different Type of Shakeout’ — Trader Says Bitcoin Unlikely to Hit $6
Tron to Dedicate Conference to Deceased Basketball Star Kobe Bryant
Stop Using Kobe Bryant’s Death to Promote Your Dying Cryptocurrency
New Research Shows Bitcoin-Denominated Payments Still a ‘Fantasy’
The Importance Of Growing Developer Action On Open Source Enterprise Blockchain Solutions
Bitcoin’s Unit of Account Status is Still a Fantasy - BitMEX Research
Major Swiss Banking Firm Julius Baer Launches Services for Cryptocurrencies
Historically Accurate Bitcoin Price Indicator Just Signaled Start to a Long-Term Bull Market
Can Longing Bitcoin and Shorting Oil Be a Viable Trade for 2020?
Court Documents Reveal More Possible Investors in Telegram’s $1.7B ICO
Bitcoin Gold Blockchain Hit by 51% Attack Leading to $70K Double Spend
Following Kobe Bryant's Tragic Death, Cryptoverse Remembers His Visit
Bitcoin Eyes $8.8K After Largely Erasing Last Week’s Dip
Bitcoin Rallied 230% Last Time This Signal Flashed, And It’s Back Again
Rare Bitcoin Stale Block Event Sees $3 Double-Spend
Over 700 Blockchain Firms Founded This Month in China, Over 26,000 In Operation
Bitcoin Gold Suffers Two 51% Attacks, BTG Rallies 20%
This Top Cryptocurrency Got 51% Attacked. Yet, It’s Up 19% And It’s a Problem
Bad Actors Rent Hashing Power to Hit Bitcoin Gold With New 51% Attacks
Ex-Employees Sue Tron’s Justin Sun for $15M Over Alleged Harassment
Ex-BitTorrent Staff Allege Violence at Tron from Boss Justin Sun
What Impact Would a Ripple IPO Have on XRP Price?
Volvo Mines Blockchain To Keep Ethical Sourcing Promise
Bitcoin’s Halving Captures Growing Interest – Among Google Searchers
Bitcoin and Altcoins Target Fresh Monthly Highs
Moonday Mornings: Ex-employee steals $715K in Bitcoin from cryptocurrency fund
A “Serious” Bitcoin Correction to Occur if BTC Drops to This Level: Top Trader
How Coronavirus Outbreak in China Could Weigh on Crypto Prices
Bitcoin Price Indicator That Called 2019 Bull Run Flashes Green Again
DeFi: The Future of Finance?
$9,500: Bitcoin Bulls Aim Big After Recent Surge Above $8,500
Bitcoin Cash Just Broke $350 and $400 Seems Imminent: Here’s Why
Three Reasons Why Bitcoin Has Rallied This Weekend
3 Reasons Why Bitcoin Price Rallied This Weekend
Ethereum Rallies 5%: Is This A False Breakout or Real Move To $200?
Former Employees Sue Justin Sun and TRON Foundation, Alleging Workplace Hostilities
Ethereum On Verge of Strong Bullish Breakout, Analysts Say. Here’s Why
Bitcoin Price Blitzes the $8.5K Resistance as Bulls Target $8.8K
The Decade of the Consumer–Citizen Governance Dilemma
Scarily Accurate Analyst Gives 4 Reasons Why Bitcoin Price Won’t Crash at $8,500
Digital Courts Trial Decentralized Justice, Real World Weighs Verdict
Data Suggests Massive Crypto Market Volatility is Inbound: Dates to Watch
Bitcoin, Crypto UTXO Analysis Reveals Critical Onchain Insights
Bitcoin could soon revisit 2020 highs as mid-term bottom forms says analyst
Bitcoin Trading Volumes in Venezuela Continue to Climb
Binance Pledges $1.5 Million for Coronavirus Victims
A Potentially Massive Ethereum Rally Hinges on This One Key Level
Telegram Attacks Apple, Musk on Crypto, WEF Debrief: Hodler’s Digest, Jan 20–26
Bitcoin’s ’10-Day Returns’ Since 2013 are Off the Charts
Indian PM Awards Crypto App Creator as Supreme Court Deliberates on Ban
This Pattern Suggests Bitcoin May Soon Experience “Max Pain Scenario”
Sunday Digest: Bitcoin Price Saunters And Ripple Steals Headlines
French Central Bank Exec Opposes Private Crypto Assets
Top 5 Cryptos This Week (Jan 26): HEDG, DASH, BSV, ETC, XTZ
What Are Lightning Wallets Doing to Help Onboard New Users?
WEF Launches Global Consortium for Crypto Governance
Financial Institutions Use Stablecoins to Shake Things Up in 2020
Blockchain interoperability will be key to successful projects this year
Happy Lunar New Year: Bitcoin Volume Expected To Plummet; JPMorgan Spinoff Launches Hybrid Blockchain
Blockchain interoperability will be key to successful projects this year
How High Will Bitcoin Go in This Cycle?
One Wallet Owns 27% of Ether Behind MakerDAO’s Sai Stablecoin
How Does Staking Economy Work?
Crypto and Blockchain Firms Pitch In to Help Coronavirus Victims
Bitcoin Saw a “Mega Rejection” at $9,200, And It Should be Worrisome for Bulls
Cryptocurrency News From Japan: Jan. 20–24 in Review
Sorry Bears, Bitcoin Is Still In Mid-Term Uptrend: Here’s Why
Ethereum Hesitates But Further Losses Seem Likely: Key Levels To Watch
User Retention: The Holy Grail for DApps Moving Beyond Buzzword Status


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