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New Milestone of Blockchain Charity! LEC Donated USD$10,000 to Germany & China Flooding, All On Chain!

Love Earth Coin (LEC) fulfilled the 1st charity fund raising engagement all on chain! The 1st time in blockchain history! USD$10,000 has sent to German and Chinese Red Cross for urgent aid of flooding.

The severe flooding in Germany and China have drawn high attention from the world. Numerous of victims losing their lives, their home and their loved one.

LEC, a charity crypto token aiming to build a new charity model, have launched a blockchain based charity campaign regards to the flooding in Germany and China.

Starting from the day of the disasters, LEC had already sent a tweet stating that they are sending help to the victims.

Few days after the disasters, the LEC’s DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) initiated an urgent donation vote for the disasters, proposing a fund raising campaign for the victims.

The vote invited all LEC holders to vote “For” or “Against” the fund-raising proposal. All the LEC holders can vote by connecting their wallet, and vote on chain!

In which, the vote received 8,525,200 ballots of "For" and 0 ballot of “Against”.

With regard to the voting result, the LEC DAO has sent USD$10,000 for donation! In which, USD $5000 was sent to German Red Cross, USD $5000 was sent to the Chinese Red Cross, aiming to the urgent aid for the victims in flooding.

This is the 1st time in blockchain history, which fulfilled all the process of a charity campaign all on chain! From propose, vote, fund raising, donation, all on chain.