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Sharder, a Hacker’s biggest nightmare

Singapore // London, UK (July 27, 2020) - Sharder’s multi chain storage and validation network is one of the world’s most secure blockchain networks.

One of Sharder’s first products, SignEase, is a Mobile electronic signing application already connected to the Hangzhou Internet Court's Judicial Chain.

Sharder encrypts the data before being uploaded to the network. The encrypted data is split into small fragments known as shards. Then the data shards are distributed to secure nodes on our global network. Backups are kept on different nodes to ensure data availability.

Another product which Sharder is releasing in the coming months is called Island. Securely and discreetly store your most sensitive photos, videos, documents and nodes with Island Blockchain Storage. A phone app with unparalleled security for your confidential and private data that you need to keep hidden and secret. It's a good tool for crypto scam recovery.

Ben Xiong, the Chief Executive Officer at Sharder, says: “Because the data gets encrypted and sharded, before being distributed to secure nodes on our global network, Sharder has become any hacker’s biggest nightmare.”


Sharder is a multi chain storage and validation network. Developers can build blockchain based storage apps on the Sharder Network.

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