Press Releases Press Releases Copyright by en Thu, 08 Jun 2023 20:53:08 -0400 Crypto Expo Asia Announces Latest Headline Speakers and Partners: Coinhako, EMURGO, Matrixport, and More Tickets to the highly anticipated conference are selling out ahead of its 7 to 8 June run at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Expo

SINGAPORE, 16 May 2023 Crypto Expo Asia, one of the region’s leading crypto conferences and exhibitions, today announced several new headline speakers and a partnership with ACCESS Blockchain Association Malaysia (ACCESS MY) as the event bolsters its collaboration with leading industry groups across the region.

This dovetails Crypto Expo Asia’s earlier collaborations with the Asia Blockchain Association (ABA), Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance (ABGA), Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia (ABI), Singapore Fintech Association (SFA), and the Singapore University of Social Sciences Node for Inclusive FinTech Blockchain Security Alliance (SUSS NiFT). Association members will receive access to preferential rates for all sponsorship packages and delegate passes. Interested parties should contact: [email protected]

This second edition of Crypto Expo Asia also unveiled its latest line-up of headline speakers, which include Henryk Abucewicz Tan, Head of Institutional Sales at Coinhako, the first crypto-asset exchange to receive in-principle approval from the Monetary Authority of Singapore; Sebastian Zilliacus, Managing Director of EMURGO Media, the official commercial arm and a founding entity of the Cardano blockchain; Karthik Rajeswaran, VP of Product at Headquarters (, a Web3 finance operations toolkit; Julian Kwan, Co-Founder and CEO of InvestaX, a Singapore-licensed tokenization SaaS platform and IX Swap, the first automated market maker for tokenized assets; Anuj Shankar, CEO of Luganodes, a Swiss-operated institutional-grade staking service provider; Timothy Tan, Head of Sales and Marketing at Cactus Custody, the institutional custody arm of the leading digital assets financial services ecosystem Matrixport; and Dr Ben Zhang, Co-Founder and COO of NodeReal, the leading one-stop blockchain infrastructure and service provider.

Caption (L – R): Henryk Abucewicz Tan of Coinhako; Sebastian Zilliacus of EMURGO Media; Karthik Rajeswaran of Headquarters (; Julian Kwan of InvestaX and IX Swap; Anuj Shankar of Luganodes; Timothy Tan of Matrixport; Dr Ben Zhang of NodeReal

Michael Xuan, Director of Crypto Expo Asia, said “Institutional interest in blockchain and Web3 technology remains at a high despite fears of a prolonged crypto winter. As the entire industry approaches maturity, as evidenced by increased regulatory oversight, now is the time for public and private sector stakeholders to work more closely together than ever before.”

“South and Southeast Asia have some of the world’s highest crypto adoption rates. It will come as no surprise that Crypto Expo Asia is seeing record interest from industry associations as well as global and regional players, keen to further discourse around hot-button issues including artificial intelligence, CBDCs, Web3 regulation, Metaverse adoption, and blockchain gaming,” he continued.

Harpreet Singh, President of ACCESS Blockchain Association Malaysia, said, “ACCESS Malaysia is excited to contribute to the discussions around how crypto assets will reimagine the financial ecosystem. As the sector evolves toward mainstream acceptance spurred by the ongoing regulatory developments both in the region as well as globally, we believe Crypto Expo Asia will be a timely avenue to discuss the path ahead for the industry.”

2023 also marks the debut of the Web3 Expo Asia Summit, a sub-event under the auspices of Crypto Expo Asia dedicated to panel sessions around NFTs and the Metaverse.

Interested sponsors, partners, and speakers at Crypto Expo Asia are encouraged to visit the website for more information:

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Crypto Expo Asia Announces Partnerships with Asia Blockchain Association, Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance, Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia, Singapore Fintech Association, and More
  • New speakers include representatives from Cake DeFi, Mantle Network by BitDAO, and more
  • 2023 edition marks debut of Web3 Expo Asia forum to further NFT and metaverse discourse
  • SINGAPORE, 11 April 2023Crypto Expo Asia, one of the region’s leading crypto conferences and exhibitions, today announced partnerships with the Asia Blockchain Association (ABA), Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance (ABGA), Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia (ABI), Singapore Fintech Association (SFA), and the Singapore University of Social Sciences Node for Inclusive FinTech Blockchain Security Alliance (SUSS NiFT) to bolster collaboration with leading industry groups and offer preferential rates to association members. This second edition of Crypto Expo Asia will take place from 7 – 8 June at Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay Sands Expo.

    The event also unveiled its latest line-up of headline speakers, which include Hayden Hughes, Co-Founder and CEO of Alpha Impact; Sidney Macdessi, Head of Institutional Sales at Cake DeFi; Peter Sumer, COO of BITmarkets; Igneus Terrenus, Head of Communications & Business Development at the Mantle Network by BitDAO; Giulio Xiloyannis, CEO of Pixelmon; Chen Zhuling, CEO and Founder of RockX; Pradeep Goel, Founder & CEO of Solve.Care; renowned blockchain strategist and thought leader, Anndy Lian; and more.

    Media partners for the event include Cointelegraph, Blockhead, CoinCu, Chain Debrief, Jinse Finance, and U.Today.

    [L – R] Hayden Hughes, Co-Founder and CEO of Alpha Impact; Sidney Macdessi, Head of Institutional Sales at Cake DeFi; Igneus Terrenus, Head of Communications & Business Development at the Mantle Network by BitDAO; Giulio Xiloyannis, CEO of Pixelmon; Chen Zhuling, CEO and Founder of RockX; Pradeep Goel, Founder & CEO of Solve.Care; blockchain strategist, Anndy Lian

    Michael Xuan, Director, Crypto Expo Asia, said: “Amid calls for greater regulatory oversight around crypto, it is apparent that now is the time for open dialogue between companies, developers, investors, and governments, to chart the way forward. As with all bleeding-edge developments, intra-industry collaboration is critical to advancing the entire blockchain and crypto ecosystem, ensuring it evolves in a sustainable and responsible manner without stymieing innovation.”

    Speakers and panellists at Crypto Expo Asia will address key trends shaping the global Web3 and crypto industry, including artificial intelligence, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), Web3 regulation, blockchain gaming, and what this will ultimately mean for an industry that has undergone scrutiny and seismic change over the last few months.

    “With more businesses trying to navigate the metaverse, we are pleased to announce the inaugural Web3 Expo Asia Summit, a sub-event under the auspices of Crypto Expo Asia. This first summit will introduce pilot sessions for metaverse and NFT-specific panels and discussions,” added Michael.

    Shawn Tham, Co-Chairman, Asia Blockchain Association, said: “The industry’s recent trials have shown just how important it is for the community to engage in productive discourse, and conferences such as Crypto Expo Asia provide a platform for discussion. Driving conversations and facilitating solutions to the industry’s most pressing issues is part of the ABA’s raison d'être, and we look forward to the ideas and solutions that will emerge from the conference this year.”

    Ahead of what is shaping up to be the definitive return for one of Asia’s most exciting crypto industry events, Crypto Expo Asia has already seen major crypto players including ABX, BEOSIN, BITmarkets, Coinstore, and PurpleFi pledge their support for the event.

    Organised by international exhibitions and conference company, HQMENA, Crypto Expo Asia is the second crypto-focused event of the HQMENA calendar, following the highly successful second run for Crypto Expo Dubai which ran from 8 – 9 March 2023. This year’s Crypto Expo Dubai drew over 4,000 attendees and welcomed representatives from the Blockchain Founders Fund, Chainalysis, Nexo, and more.

    Interested sponsors, partners, and speakers for Crypto Expo Asia are encouraged to visit the website for more information:

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    web3bb Tokyo Summer 2023: Where Brands and Tech Meets

    Name of event:

    web3bb Tokyo Summer 2023
    [Japan’s web3 Business Community]: “Where Brands and Tech Meets”


    The National Art Center, Roppongi (Tokyo, Japan)

    July 5-6, 2023

    About the event:

    Our focus is to bridge Japan and the world by providing a platform for people to learn and discuss the core ideas of web3. We have had numerous global and local speakers join us at our events, from major Japanese brands along with key web3 players from around the globe. We support companies to grow as a whole by sharing knowledge and case studies that are necessary for companies to enter the NFT and web3 businesses.  

    Who is the event for?:

    Our community focuses on web3 for companies. This is a place for brand marketers, new business dev. to learn and meet new potential partners. As for the tech companies, you can educate brands while aiming for mass adoption. We have had brands such as Sony, Shiseido, Toyota, various tech players, and the government join our events.

    Our mission:

    Our mission is to provide a platform for people to learn and discuss the core ideas of web3, and help companies find partnerships.

    How to join:


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    Sotheby’s to Offer One of the Most Significant and Important Collections of Digital Art Ever Assembled

    NEW YORK, 19 APRIL 2023 - Next month, Sotheby’s will kick off a series of sales for one of the most significant and important collections of digital art ever assembled, showcasing an unprecedented group of generative art NFTs, alongside many more notable works by leading artists. GRAILS, formed as part of Three Arrows Capital, Ltd. Asset Portfolio primarily in 2021, is an unparalleled collection that celebrates the prominent artists who helped bring NFTs and digital art to the cultural mainstream through their innovative and conceptual approaches to the creation of digital art. Works from the collection will be offered across a variety of live and online auctions at Sotheby’s locations worldwide, as well as via private sale and additional sales channels, to showcase groups of works in different contexts and formats.  

    From groundbreaking works that transformed perceptions of digital art to culturally significant works that challenge concepts of ownership, the collection’s deep holdings are representative of the highest quality works that can truly be classified as grails. Among the highlights in the collection are Dmitri Cherniak’s Ringers #879 (also called “The Golden Goose”), Snowfro’s full spectrum Chromie Squiggle #1780, Tyler Hobbs’ Fidenza #216, Larva Labs’ Zombie CryptoPunk #6649, and Autoglyph #187, an exceptionally rare example from the limited series by Larva Labs.

    Sales from the collection will begin with a group of seven works that will be auctioned during Sotheby’s marquee sale week this May in New York, one of the most anticipated moments of the annual auction calendar with the most high-profile sales of Contemporary and Modern Art. Select highlights from GRAILS will also be on view at Sotheby’s New York galleries beginning 6 May alongside works spanning 400 years of art history, from the 17th century to the present day. Further details about the GRAILS collection will be released in advance of forthcoming sales.

    Dmitri Cherniak
    Ringers #879 (The Golden Goose)
    Executed in 2021

    Trained in computer science, Dmitri Cherniak is a Canadian artist residing in New York City whose work investigates automation in visual art through generative algorithms, and firmly believes that both computer code and its output are both creative productions. Inspired by both traditional artists, such as Piet Mondrian and Wassily Kandinsky, as well as generative artists, including Vera Molnar and Manolo Maon, Cherniak’s breakthrough project was the introduction of his Ringers series via ArtBlocks in February 2021. Each work is designed to be unique, with a limit of 1,000 variations among the endless combination in which a string can be wrapped around a set of pegs. In a minimalist design, the value of each "Ringer" is determined by various characteristics, including the number of pegs, layout, sizing, background, wrap style, wrap orientation, scaling, body color, peg style, and extra color.  More recently Ringer #962 joined the permanent collection of the LACMA as part of their first acquisition of digital art on the blockchain works.

    Larva Labs
    CryptoPunk #6649
    Executed in 2017

    Launched on June 23, 2017, CryptoPunks have since become one of the most popular generative art projects ever conceived, with the signature pixelated style of the Punk varieties becoming synonymous with the global phenomenon of digital art in 2021. Spanning a total of 10,000 Punks, each one was automated based on a serious of randomized characteristics, making them all unique with their own distinct characteristics – no two are exactly alike. The 24 x 24 pixel, 8-bit-style Punks embody an aesthetic mirroring the nostalgic punk spirit, reflecting decentralized spirit of the crypto community at its absolute core. As a testament to the status of CryptoPunks as one of the leading generative art projects of its time, Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and the Centre Pompidou recently added Cryptopunks to their permanent collections, marking major institutional acquisitions.

    Tyler Hobbs
    Fidenza #216
    Executed in 2021

    Tyler Hobbs, based in Austin, is one of the leading figures in the contemporary generative art sphere. Released in June 2021, the Fidenza project rapidly grew into one of the most highly regarded generative art projects to date. Each artwork is entirely unique based on a series of 999 outputs, with each work bearing the artist's recognizable ''flow field'' that conveys this vivid movement to the composition spanning a variety of colors, from vibrant colors to black and white or monochrome. The scale also defines the level of detail produced in the output, accentuating this sensation of movement within the work. Fidenza 216 is a quintessential example of how the randomized process of generative art can produce results that are perfectly balanced, with each spiral places randomly at the center of the composition.

    Chromie Squiggle #1780
    Executed in 2020

    Chromie Squiggles is the genesis collection of Art Blocks, a platform created by artist, collector, and entrepreneur Snowfro in 2020. Consisting of six types from 10,000 possible iterations, which vary in rarity based on their characteristics, such as color, end color, ribbed color, segments, height, color spread, and color direction, Chromie Squiggles depict a kaleidoscopic serpent in a digitized form, each one unique based on its inherent variations. With all the iconic symbolism of any major pop art motif, the squiggle is a uniquely recognizable visual idiom. A gesture filled with the fun of creative experimentation that generative art enables, and the perfect suggestion of the artist’s hand as they craft their code. Conceptual art has long played with the concept of how an audience will receive or experience a work of art, yet with the generative format, as pioneered by Art Blocks and the Chromie Squiggles collection, the notions of chance and surprise are inherent in the generative possibilities that form the creation of the artwork, creating unique works that are built upon a set of algorithm-based rules.

    Larva Labs
    Autoglyph #187
    Executed in 2019

    As the second project from Larva Labs following the launch of CryptoPunks, Autoglyphs occupy a unique position in the history of blockchain based art. Created in a series of 512, rather than 10,000 CryptoPunks, Autoglyphs are deeply rooted in art history and solely contained “on-chain.” Influenced by Sol Le Witt’s wall drawings, the Autoglyphs are instructional, code-based generative art. Hall and Watkinson, inspired and humbled by the vast ground covered in digital art during the early 60s and early 70s, embraced the aesthetic of early generative art to produce similar results with a blockchain foundation. In a similar vein to the storage and compute issues faced by generative artists such as Ken Knowlton and Michael Noll in the early 1960s, the impracticalities of storing traditional image files such as JPEGs or PNGs on the blockchain inspired Autoglyphs creation. Unlike projects such as Cryptopunks, CryptoKitties, or Rare Pepe, where the actual image files are stored in a database “off-chain,” the pair took on the challenge to experiment with what could realistically be stored “on chain.” The extreme restrictions of storing art on the blockchain created limitations to explore and hone their concept. After extensive exploration of various generators and their compatibility with smart contracts, Autoglyphs were born. With an algorithm capable of producing billions of unique works, the scope for experimentation is endless. However, the duo restricted production to just 512 works.

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    TEAMZ WEB3.0 SUMMIT 2023, Japan's largest Web3.0 conference, will be held at Toranomon Hills on May 17 (Wed) and 18 (Thu), 2023!

    TEAMZ WEB3.0 SUMMIT 2023 will bring together Web3.0 industry leaders, Web3.0 related companies, VCs, media and influencers from around the world!

    Under the concept of "boosting the Web 3.0 industry in Japan," the event will provide an opportunity to deepen understanding of the Web 3.0 industry, to visualize the fusion of your business and Web 3.0 services, and to create business collaborations on a global scale.

    TEAMZ WEB3.0 SUMMIT 2023, Japan's largest Web3.0 conference, will be held at Toranomon Hills (Minato-ku, Tokyo) on May 17 (Wed) and 18 (Thu), 2023.

    Under the theme of "Web 3.0, From Here," this event will contribute to the realization of enhanced global competitiveness through the diffusion of Web 3.0 services in Japan.

    Web 3.0 is the Key to Japan's Breakthrough

    In response to the growing Web 3.0 business worldwide, the Japanese government has made Web 3.0 a pillar of its growth strategy, and is focusing on improving the business environment by easing the current system. At the same time, as new business models such as NFT, Metaverse, Blockchain, DAO, and GameFi are born and technological development continues, companies are required to expand their business fields that integrate digital and reality.

    In fact, major companies are actively investing in Web 3.0 businesses, and many industries, including telecommunications, banking, and finance, are focusing on token issuance, wallet development, the  establishment of exchanges, and the introduction of blockchain through collaboration to create a social infrastructure that integrates digital technologies. Web 3.0 projects by startup companies are also rapidly increasing, and Web 3.0 business models that are connected to our daily lives, such as certificates for brand-name products and NFT concert tickets with limited-edition videos, are being born every day.

    In the new era of 2023, let's take advantage of Japanese technology and ideas in the Web 3.0 field and enliven Japanese society from the Web 3.0 field.

    Outline of TEAMZ WEB3.0 SUMMIT 2023

    Under the concept of "enlivening the Web 3.0 industry in Japan," approximately 100 top speakers from the Web 3.0 industry, 120 VC & investors, 60 exhibiting companies, 50 major media companies, and 400 influencers will gather at the event. The event attracts attention from around the world.

    This summit has been held as the "TEAMZ Blockchain Summit" since 2018, and in 2019, the "TEAMZ Blockchain Summit Asia" was held in Malaysia with the support of the Malaysian government and the royal family and it was very successful. (The summit was cancelled in 2020 and 2021 due to a new type of coronavirus infection.)

    We are looking forward to your participation in this Web 3.0 event, which is still rare in Japan, in order to survive in this new era.

    Event Outline

    • Event name: TEAMZ WEB3.0 SUMMIT 2023
    • Date: Wednesday, May 17 and Thursday, May 18, 2023
    • Venue: Toranomon Hills
    • Number of visitors: approx. 3,000
    • Speakers: approx. 100
    • Number of VC and investors: approx. 120
    • Media: approx. 50
    • Exhibitors: approx. 60
    • Official Website:
    • Tickets:


    Past Speakers

    Anthony Pompliano (Co-founder, Morgan Creek Digital), Charles Hoskinson (Founder, Cardano; Co-founder, ETH), Joe Zhou (Senior Vice President, HKEX), Ben Goertzel (CEO, SingularityNET), Patrick Dai (Founder & CEO, Qtum), Travis Kling (Founder & CIO, Ikigai Asset Management), Jeffrey Wemick (Bitcoin, Uber, Airbnb, Qtum Advisor), Yasuaki Matsumoto (Chief Senior Consultant, Fujitsu Research Institute Ltd), Hitoshi Taguchi (CEO, DMM Bitcoin), Takafumi Horie (Founder, SNS Media Consulting Inc), Roger Ver (Chairman,, Larry Sanger (Executive Director, Wikipedia Knowledge Standards Foundation), Franklyn Richards (Director,, Shinichiro Isago(Director, Strategic Planning, LINE Corporation)

    Past Participating Companies

    LINE, Microsoft Japan, IBM, Fujitsu, Boardwalk Capital, Accenture, Node Capital, DMM Bitcoin, Qtum, Genesis Group, Quoine, Litecoin, HUBLOT, etc.

    Tokyo Web 3.0 Week will be held at the same time.

    From May 15 (Mon) to May 21 (Sun), 2023, Tokyo Web3.0 Week will be held before and after the TEAMZ WEB3.0 Summit, where various projects from Japan and abroad will hold side events. The event will be held at the Tokyo Web3.0 Week, which is a series of side events organized by Web3.0 related companies, offering high quality content, influential networking, and business expansion opportunities.

    What is TEAMZ, Inc.?

    TEAMZ, Inc. is a digital creative group that provides business strategies and solutions to Web 3.0 related companies seeking new possibilities. TEAMZ, Inc. is a digital creative group that provides business strategies and solutions to Web 3.0 related companies that are looking for new possibilities. We will lead the Web 3.0 industry in Japan by providing one-stop, full-scratch development from start to finish.

     Official HP:

    For inquiries about the event, please contact the following e-mail address

    [email protected]


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    New Crypto Wallet Makes Asset-Swapping Easier Bitcoin has opened the road for the creation of the cryptocurrency industry, and it has ballooned into a global market. There are now over 20,000 different cryptocurrencies today, giving businesses and consumers more trading and transaction options. 

    With such a huge market, it is not a wonder that there is also a demand for easy-to-use yet secure crypto wallets. RockWallet is one of the newest apps that is equipped with innovative and convenient features, RockWallet is a new multi-currency and self-custodial crypto wallet that makes it easy to swap digital assets, giving customers confidence in getting into the world of crypto trading. 

    RockWallet flaunts a feature called “Swap” in its interface that enables the user to exchange or trade one digital asset for another. So far, RockWallet allows users to swap between the following cryptocurrencies: BCH, BSV, BTC, ETH, SHIB, USDT, and USDC. However, users can also store, send, and receive BSV, BTC, USDC, ETH, BCH, SHIB, BAT, LINK, LRC, XRP, USDT, and ZRX. Support for more digital currencies and assets will be made in the future.

    In order to make a trade between two different assets, the user needs to make sure that they have verified their account, activated the assets in their wallet, and have enough funds that will cover the swap and transaction fees.

    Account verification is aligned with current know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) standards, which allows users to have peace of mind that their digital assets are protected. After the most recent FTX collapse and the resulting loss of $8 billion worth of users’ money, it is important for people to know that the digital asset platform they are using enforces strict KYC and AML procedures and is regulation-compliant.

    Most of the time, crypto wallet users are shocked by the amount of money they have to pay in order to trade or sell their digital currencies. This is because transaction fees vary depending on the digital currency being exchanged, as well as the volume of transactions being processed. Sometimes, customers do not even know the total amount they paid for until after the transaction has gone through.

    RockWallet prevents these kinds of surprises and provides users with total control of their digital assets, meaning the total amount of each transaction is displayed with a breakdown of the fees before making an action final.

    This process ensures that users fully know how much they need to pay for before going through with the transaction. It also allows users to monitor when transaction fees go up and down. In this way, they can decide for themselves when the best time to buy and sell their cryptocurrencies.

    The minimum amount that can be traded should be equivalent to $30. This can reach to a maximum of $1000 USD per day for verified customers. With full identity verification, the user can swap up to a maximum of $10,000 USD per day. Enforcing these levels of user verification not only minimizes fraud, but also protects users against scams.

    Digital asset-swapping remains a service that people need, and RockWallet ensures its customers a fast, uncomplicated yet secure gateway to crypto trading. At this day and age where even major crypto exchange Binance is under investigation, it is best to use a wallet that is 100% regulation-compliant.

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    Encrypted social sports industry giant SocialSportLeagues launched the NFT market. Traditional sports stepped into the Web3 field

    The crypto sports industry giant SocialSportLeagues has launched the NFT market product "WorldCupQuizGame-NFT". It will provide Ethereum-based in-game digital assets, including NFT tickets, and other Web3 games.

    SocialSportLeagues announced the launch of its NFT marketplace in November, completing a phased goal of its transformation plan. SocialSportLeagues will launch a $10 million grant to support Web3 sports engagement users.

    To motivate users, SocialSportLeagues gives users a share of 8%-14.4% of promotional sales. In addition, it gives users the right to enter the 2022 World Cup Quiz and provides a reward of up to 30% of the prize pool to the first-place user of the quiz points.

    Mikhail Antonovich, the founder of SocialSportLeagues, pointed out that launching NFT quiz games during the 2022 World Cup can help players get the chance to win big prizes with the lowest cost of entry.

    "We offer hundreds and thousands of FreeMint NFTs and more top Web3 sports games while maintaining a top-notch experience for players," he said.

    At the same time, SocialSportLeagues has been working on several Web3 sports integration plans, including major leagues, NBA, and other well-known events.

    Recently, SocialSportLeagues also announced a strategic partnership with exchanges HUOBI and OKX.

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    ECO NFT Pre-Open - Global Service Start About ECO NFT:

    ECO NFT is a decentralized NFT investment marketplace deployed on Ethereum, where non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are minted and provided for staking and sale. Here users can find various categories of NFTs such as renewable energy futures, various content, IP, P2E games, original NFTs and many others.

    [June 30, 2022]

    “ECO NFT” platform which is a market place for various NFTs backed by digital content, game, photo, music and others. The project attracted wide attention due to listing its governance tokens ESG (ERC-20) on one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges ‘’ in April 2022.

    Since 2021 NFT trends have experienced rapid growth and constant heat from crypto influencers, which made them one of the hottest new industries on Global arena. NFTs are being issued (minted) on many mainnets, but there are very few projects commiting responsibility to the environmental damage they cause. Since blockchain increases carbon emissions due to overuse of electricity.

     ECO NFT market is a new concept NFT paradigm where part of the sales will be donated to environmental groups so to contribute to environmental protection. It is also worth mentioning, that purchasing NFT gives the user various benefits such as the rights to participate in games and events. The fees from staking and harvesting are distributed to activate the governance of the ecosystem, so to ensure all the members can get various benefits. On the occasion of pre-opening of Eco NFT, the very first NFT collection “Teteru NFT”, which is Korean animation, will be alailable for sale.Teteru NFT will randomly issue 5 types of NFTs with different hash rate values. By staking the issued NFT card, users can mine ESG token from the reward. “I believe that Pre-Opening of ECO NFT is a start for the new NFT paradigm. Brand new features will be added such as (Open Market) where users can make P2P transactions with NFT and (Battle) where anyone can mint own NFT. I would define it as a new concept of NFT market that brings together environment and investment. We should never forget about our social and personal responsibility before the environment and keep it preserved for our childred. On occasion of Pre-Opening of ECO NFT, we will hold marketing campaings in 12 global countries.”Kenny Han, the CEO of “ECO NFT”.

    On its Pre-Opening,  ECO NFT will launch URL event, where 5% from NFT sales commission will be rewarded to referrer through smart contract.

     (URL : )

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    KRYZASwap, Hungary’s First DEX With a Presaled Native Token Has Just Launched! The team behind KRYZA Network has announced the new development on their social platform.

    KRYZASwap, a brand new defi swap is under development for several months now by the developers of KRYZA but yesterday, they announced that is going to be live in May, 2022.

    KRYZASwap token is under PRESALE phase right now, you can grab yours by clicking this link:

    This is the first DEX in Hungary which has its own token under presale. The presale of the token guarantees success for the early investors, this is how the team is trying to honorate their trust in the project.

    The presale has started on the 7th of May and will end on the 28th of the same month. If you are considering, you still have a few days left but it is better to hurry as the price will potentially grow after the official launch of the token. You can check it here:

    If you are seeking for other functions on KRYZASwap, you will have a bunch of opportunities to handle your crypto there, like standard trading, liquidity farming, or even searching up the tokens of newly registrated companies on the platform.

    While the monthly burns of KRN token continues, KRYZA also keeps up its marketing strategy to generate more lead to its existing platforms, KRYZA Network and KRYZA Education.

    Until the waiting is over, sign up to KRZYA Network to get notified about the latest announcements as early as you can: or search through online courses or premium chart analysises at KRYZA Education.

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    Register and Get $8 Bonus, One of the Best Cloud Mining of 2022 Meet – – New generation of cloud mining systems.

    Mining cryptocurrencies is one of the best ways to make money in the cryptocurrency industry.An innovation in simplicity, a specially simplified cloud mining platform provides exceptional service and cryptocurrency mining for clients without skill or equipment.

    You don’t need any special hardware or software or even keep your computer on to do cloud mining.All you have to do is pay for a mining contract and then sit back and receive your daily profits. Nothing else is required from you during the entire process. 

    Hashlists is currently operating large data centers in Kazakhstan, Myanmar and Iceland. Hashlists is also the only company in the world that has been granted a license to support land lease and exploitation by the Kazakhstan government within 5 years .With Hashlists cloud mining, you can invest as little as possible with a 100% chance of making profits. 

    Hashlists’s business model is simple: you make a deposit like any bank and automatically receive dividends in USD on your account every day. Rewards are paid at any time, and after 3 days, you will be able to withdraw your initial deposit as well.

    Can I make money by not investing?

    Yes, we have a free experience plan that gives you $8 when you register. You can use $8 to buy the free plan and get $0.8 per day. When you reach $100, you can withdraw money.

    The best referral program

    A life time 3% Commission, you can start earning money even if you do not invest.For example,if someone purchases a $100 order using your referral code, you'll get $3 for free.

    A variety of investment plans

    Hashlists believes everyone should be entitled to easy passive income. To ensure this is possible, it has a variety of plans for you. The plans range from as low as $8 to as high as $6,500. 

    Mining contracts also range from daily to 60-day contracts. This gives a lot of flexibility of investment for you. The best part is you don’t need to know anything about Bitcoin mining to invest in this great opportunity.

    Returns are paid daily, so you are sure of getting payment every single day. The returns are fixed for any period of time for which you invest. 

    For example, the $100 investment for 3 days has a fixed return of $5.4 dollars, paid daily over the 3-day period. 

    For example, the $1800 investment for 20 days has a fixed return of $700 dollars, paid daily over the 20-day period. 

    For example, the $6,500 investment for 60 days has a fixed return of $8,200 dollars. That is 126% return spread and paid daily over the 60-day period.

    How to participate?

    To start enjoying daily passive income from Hashlists, all you have to do is sign up and pay for a mining contract. Just provide your email address and create a password, then verify that you are a human (we don’t work with robots) and you are in. 

    Backed by an Experienced Team

    The number of Hashlists users is almost 240,000 today! The company has raised over $ 8,000,000 in investments. No other company has been able to replicate this result. The secret of success lies in stable profit accrual, favorable terms of cooperation and flawless work.

    Hashlists ranked # 1 in user growth and profitability in the first half of 2021. A high level of profitability and 2 years of flawless work brought Hashlists to a leading position among all cloud mining services in the world. Hashlists is a reliable partner and an excellent solution for your investment.

    In conclusion, Hashlists is the perfect cloud mining platform for crypto enthusiasts that want to increase their earning opportunities. It offers full guarantee for all investments and has a team of qualified analysts and experts working daily to ensure consistent customer rewards. 

    To learn more about Hashlists visit its website at to check out mining plans and start your mining journey. 

    Uncategorized Editor Tue, 19 Apr 2022 09:41:52 -0400
    Strategic Investment Between SKY Technology And ECO NFT Market About Sky Play:

    Sky Play is aiming to form an easy-to-use NFT business platform covering many aspects of lifestyle including P2E games, movies, sports, education, arts and many more. Sky Play is a playground for everyone beyond portal and will grow along with trustworthy ecosystem of service providers and users.

    About Eco NFT:

    Eco NFT is a new concept of NFT that can issue and sell NFTs in digital contents (pictures, music and videos) and renewable energy. It includes a donation ecosystem for environment protection. It also offers a unique structure in which 90% of sales are distributed to invigorate ecosystem governance.

    [April 14, 2022] 

    ECO NFT Market announced that SKY Technology has made an investment. This strategic investment was made for various strategic cooperation such as sharing NFT contents between the two companies, designing an NFT ecosystem, and sharing game IP.

    SKY Technology’s Singapore entity will soon open Sky Play with the motto of ‘the easy NFT business platform’. It is planning to list the token as well. The service will expand the contents from P2E games to movies, music, sports and arts along with number of partnerships with other companies.

    ECO NFT market is an NFT platform for digital contents, games, pictures, and music. It has recently listed its ESG token in the exchange. It is getting noticed in the global market. 10% of ECO NFT market’s revenue will be donated to environment organization. And 90% of revenue will be invested into the staking pool and governance ecosystem to invigorate the project. Recently, ESG token was listed in exchange. It has also signed an agreement to issue Teteru NFT which will be introduced in the global market soon.

    Sang Ok Chang, CEO of SKY Technology said, “we are happy to be partnered with ECO NFT. We are going to provide lifestyle contents through our NFT platform. We are also pleased to be a part of solving environment issues.”

    Kenny Han, who is leading the ECO NFT platform mentioned, “first of all, we’d like to thank the SKY Technology for making the strategic investment. We are going to jointly work and provide wide range of NFT contents. We look forward to the cooperation between two companies in the future.”

    Uncategorized Editor Mon, 18 Apr 2022 08:50:23 -0400
    ECO NFT and TTR Have Agreed on Strategic Marketing Collaboration With the aim to develop “ECO NFT Market”
    ECO NFT and TTR
    have agreed on Strategic Marketing Collaboration

    About ECO NFT:

    ECO NFT is an NFT investment marketplace, where non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are minted and provided for staking and sale. Here users can find various categories of NFTs such as renewable energy futures, various content, IP, P2E games, original NFTs and many others. Part of the sale is allocated to donations to environmental organizations.

    About TTR:

    TTR is a content design company specializing in artist-based animation planning/production, exhibition planning, space design and branding.

    [April 14, 2022]

    Since 2021 NFT trends have experienced rapid growth and constant heat from crypto influencers, which made them one of the hottest new industries on Global arena.

    ECO NFT which is specializing in environmental protection and renewable energy NFTs, announced about signed strategic collaboration with TTR on March 24. TTR’s representative character ‘Teteru’ will be minted and placed for sale on ECO NFT platform. Part of the profit will be donated to environmental groups.

    Being broadcasted on KBS “Teteru” characters, which represent modern image of Teddy bear, will be minted and their NFTs will be placed on ECO NFT market.

    Teteru IP is Korean traditional animation, which shoot to fame on KBS and JTBC, and it has drawn special acknowledgment in Vietnam by signing marketing agreement with Vietnam Airlines in 2019.

    Source (KBS:

    Source (News Today:

    Teteru NFTs being placed on ECO NFT market are classified according total 5 levels, each level is specified by unique hash rate value. The higher the hash rate value the higher profit level it offers.

    ECO NFT market users can find various categories of NFTs such as renewable energy futures, various content, IP, P2E games, original NFTs and many others. 10% of the sale is allocated to donations to environmental organizations, and 90% are distributed to staking pools and governance operation.

    Governance token of ECO NFT market [ESG] successfully passed Startup program on and on April 12, at 17:00 UTC+9, it was officially listed on the exchange.

    “Due to the diverse content and active broadcasting on leading platforms such as KBS and JTBC, Teteru has gained recognition among all of the age groups of users. In addition the the story of the main character “IP” which is taking the lead in preserving the earth illustrates a strong example to our children encouraging them to take care about the environment. And this story perfectly matches the vision of ECO NFT market. I am very excited about minting Teteru IP NFT and reveal them to global audience through this strategic cooperation. --- Kenny Han, the CEO of ‘ECO NFT’.  

    Teteru project gathered artists from various fields following the mission to encourage children to dream and inspire adults. It is a leading character content that can share digital images in form of NFT which can be experienced in real life such as theme parks, offline exhibition and others. We are thrilled about opportunity encourage our young generation to keep dreaming towards bright future by holding eco-NFTs. --- Choi Se-Jeong, the CEO of Teteru (TTR)

    # Left: Choi Se-Jeong, the CEO of Teteru (TTR) #  # Right: Kenny Han, the CEO of ‘ECO NFT’.

    Uncategorized Editor Thu, 14 Apr 2022 04:39:01 -0400
    ESG will be listed on Global Digital Asset Exchange ESG Financial Platform has announced that its governance token (ESG) which recently has passed Audit by Certik, will be listed on Global Digital Asset Exchange on April 12, 2022.

    ESG Financial Platform is a new paradigm of investment marketplace, implementing its business operations according to the hottest trends in Blockchain industry. Starting with decentralized lending platform “Eco DeFi”, which got audited by Certik, ESG Financial Platform expanded its operation into NFT market, by launching ECO NFT market place, where non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are minted and provided for staking and sale. Eco NFT Market is deployed on Ethereum network, so all NFTs are minted on ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards. Here users can find various categories of NFTs such as renewable energy futures, various content, IP, P2E games, original NFTs and many others.

    The ultimate goal of ESG Financial Platform is combining Environmental Social Governance [ESG] practices and blockchain technologies. The new concept of DeFi and NFT platform enables users to invest in environmental and renewable energy projects.

    ECO NFTs are backed by production of renewable energy projects converging their profit into investment futures. Users can buy NFTs for ESG and ETH, and 10% from the sale will be donated to environmental organizations.

    ESG Financial Platform CEO: Kenny Han

    The main distinction of ESG Financial Platform is that it is linked to the real economy by enabling users to invest in various projects from environment and renewable energy industry and this model is integrated in NFT market. Therefore, ESG Financial Platform is rightfully considered as one of the most promising DeFi/NFT projects.

    Founded in 2013, has strived to provide its users with the best trading experience in the last 8 years. In terms of trading volume, is one of the top 10 crypto exchanges in the world listing crypto assets that are great in quality and have a high rate of return. With the help of's public blockchain 'GateChain', the exchange is creating innovative products and services that are catering to the needs of all users. is rightfully considered as the ‘World’s Most Reliable Digital Asset Exchange’ with more than 80M worldwide users covering 224 countries, $12B daily trading volume, and over 1000 traded currencies.

    Uncategorized Editor Sat, 09 Apr 2022 00:15:40 -0400
    The Rising Star of GameFi Projects, Brawltales, Is Set for Launch and Is Coming on Strong

    With the rise of a new sector in Web3, gamefi, the play-to-earn world has garnered a wide range of audiences, resulting in multiple cryptocurrencies exceeding $1 billion market cap valuations. Brawltales emerged not just like any of the play-to-earn gamefi that is currently on the market, but with a greater core value which is “Build to merge, connect to redefined”.

    What is Brawltales?

    Brawltales is a roguelike PEP (Player vs Environment vs Player) blockchain-based mobile game where players can compete with friends or strangers and earn token rewards. Players are required not only skill sets but also amazing strategy planning in order to outplay their opponents. The in-game token will be rewarded for their individual skills by winning the battles.

    Providing an incredible gaming experience, however, is not our only aim. We hope to serve as a gamefi project that generates real income for the NFT holders and players. To reach that, Brawltales integrates the elements of gaming, crypto, and NFT, creating a simple yet adrenaline-rushing gaming experience for the players, as well as a great profit model.

    PEP (Player vs Environment vs Player)

    Brawltales is a free-to-play PEP mobile game. We believe that we are one of the pioneers who introduces this rather unfamiliar game mode as most of the game modes you see these days are MOBA, PvP, PvE and etc. PEP as known as PvEvP is a game mode in which players will be given a 15-minute time limit to clear the Creatures in the arena that players will be assigned to.

    There will be 6 players per round and each player will be assigned to their own dungeon. The first 3 players that successfully clear the Dungeons will be considered winners of the match. If the time limit is up and none of the players defeats the Creature, it will be considered a draw match and none of the players will get rewarded.

    Genesis NFT – What are its benefits?

    Along with the official launch of Brawltales, 555 units of Genesis NFT will be released. Brawltales is being introduced as a free-to-play gamefi, consequently, players will be given a free in-game basic character to experience the game. Logically, these NFTs will be equipped with individual unique abilities that will increase your win rate.

    We consider our Genesis NFT holders as our important investors for Brawltales, thus, we came out with plenty of benefits for our Genesis NFT holders to ensure they will be benefited and satisfied, also we have included an element of surprise into this Genesis NFT minting.

    As the very first batch of our NFT holders, having the opportunity to earn more than the latecomers, as there is a saying ‘early bird gets the worms’. Secondly, as a form of appreciation, Genesis NFT holders will be benefited and be rewarded during the special occasions. Besides that, Genesis NFT holders will be directly invited to private sales which will be held in early of June. Genesis NFT holders will also get the privilege to be the first batch to try the game out. Last but not least, the lucky holders will get the chance to win up to 1 BNB.  

    Brawltales vision

    As the trend in the current market, we noticed that each aspect of the Web3, cryptocurrencies, NFT, and gamefi, have its own community. With our core value and motto ‘Build to merge, connect to redefined’, we are aimed to link up all the communities and merge them as one. Aside from creating a platform that caters to everyday gamers and crypto enthusiasts, one of our main missions is to connect these different groups of people. To achieve that, we are in the midst of collaborating with other NFT projects.

    By doing so, we are able to reach out to the pure NFT investors to this rather new aspect in Web3, gamefi. We will also widely expose our gamefi project to the cryptocurrencies community. Partnering with them will definitely bring gamefi and Brawltales to a higher position.


    After putting in countless of time and effort, we came out with a well-planned roadmap, gameplay, tokenomics, and smart contract that will attract a wider range of audiences. We are projected to be one of the prime blockchain-based GameFi with a comprehensive gaming experience and multiple earning chances.


    Media contact

    Company: Brawltales Official
    E-mail: [email protected]

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    The Introduction of KRYZA Network, the Crypto Social Platform

    KRYZA Network is an upcoming crypto project with the mission to increase the adoption rate of cryptocurrencies. KRYZA is currently in development phase but various applications are coming out day-by-day to provide its users an unforgottable experience using KRYZA Network.

    The first and main platform is the so called KRYZA Network. This social network is using general trending functions of other social sites while it ensures its users that crypto is here and unstoppable. Also on KRYZA Network, users can stake their purchased KRN tokens available currently on HotBit Exchange.

    Sign up here:

    The second platform is KRYZA Education. KRYZA Education is an e-learning platform that concentrates to the student – instructor relationship. It aims to be a site where everybody could find the course they tend to learn about. With several offers, KRYZA Education presents deals like completely FREE courses WITHOUT REGISTRATION, Premium courses and a Premium subscription where users are allowed to get crypto trading tips and other useful advices.

    The best thing in all this? All the income KRYZA has, a certain % is shared between those who stake their KRN tokens at KRYZA Network!

    Visit KRYZA Education here:

    Last but not least, KRYZA Exchange is also under construction! It means that they are developing the first 2 in 1 application that would be a ’social crypto exchange’. As the world’s first social crypto exchange launches, we except to see a skyrocket on the KRYZA tokens charts.

    KRN is the token of KRYZA Network. It is stakeable and it is available on HotBit, while the other token, KRX is the token of KRYZA Exchange, available on UniSwap or IndoEx.

    They are tokens but not for a long time… KRYZA is developing its own Blockchain and when it is finished, these coins will fulfill their purposes and become an inevitable asset in everyone’s portfolio.

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    Asia Pacific Gift Card and Incentive Card Market Report 2022: Market will Increase from $184,982.4 Million in 2021 to Reach $296,946.4 Million by 2026 Dublin, Feb. 10, 2022 -- The "Asia Pacific Gift Card and Incentive Card Market Intelligence and Future Growth Dynamics (Databook) - Q1 2022 Update" report has been added to's offering.

    Historically, the gift card market in Asia Pacific has recorded a steady growth with a CAGR of 11.2% during 2016-2020. According to the Q4 2021 Global Gift Card Survey, gift card industry in the country is expected to reach US$205618.0 million in 2022.

    Gift card market in 2021 was driven a wide range of factors, which supported growth across retail and corporate segments. The primary factors included growth of ecommerce, increased adoption to incentivize employees working remotely, digital gifting, and initiatives undertaken by government, hospitality, and travel industries to revive growth. Though the gift card market was impacted due to COVID-19, the market is expected to bounce back in the coming quarters, especially in H1 2022.

    Gift card industry in Asia Pacific has done well to withstand the impact of economic slowdown along with negative business and consumer sentiment due to disruption caused by Covid-19 outbreak.

    Despite near-term challenges in 2022, medium to long term growth story of gift cards in Asia Pacific remains strong. The gift card industry in Asia Pacific is expected to grow steadily in H1 2022 and record a strong growth in H2 2022. The growth momentum is expected to continue to grow over the forecast period, recording a CAGR of 9.6% during 2022-2026. The gift card market will increase from US$184982.4 million in 2021 to reach US$296946.4 million by 2026.

    With the rising demand and favorable regulatory framework, the Asia-Pacific gift card market remained most attractive for global gift cards companies to expand their businesses in this region in 2021. Moreover, mergers and acquisitions along with fundraising activities increased in the gift card industry in the last four to six quarters.

    Global gift card players are launching their services in China to expand consumer base

    As the demand for gift cards continues to grow in China, global gift cards players are also considering to launch their services in the country and gaining market share for themselves in the largest internet economy.

    In October 2021, Prezzee, an Australia-based gift card firm, announced its expansion plan outside of Australia, the United States, and Europe, where it currently operates. The company is also planning a public issue in Australia and considering broadening its growth plan. According to the company, it intends to launch the company's services in China and other Asian countries. In Australia, the firm is projected to process more than AUD$1 billion in corporate and retail cards in its 2022 fiscal year.

    The publisher expects the entry of global players such as Prezzee to further intensify competition and growth of the gift card market in China over the next four to eight quarters.

    Government owned-businesses are launching gift card programs to expand their market share in India

    The gifting industry in India is one the biggest globally, with billions of dollars being spent each year on physical gifts in the country. Consequently, to promote cashless ways of gifting and to expand the gift card market, Government-owned businesses are launching gift card programs in India.

    In June 2021, LIC Card Services entered into a strategic partnership with IDBI Bank to launch a contactless prepaid gift card Shagun for consumers in India. Through the launch of this prepaid gift card solution, LIC Card Services is foraying into the high-growth Indian digital gift card market.

    Being launched on the RuPay platform, the prepaid gift card can be used at millions of merchants and e-commerce websites in the country. Therefore, helping the firm to diversify the consumer spending options on the card.

    Gift card providers are focusing on launching digital platforms and merchant acquisition to gain market share in Singapore

    With more and more consumers are adopting digital channels in the country, the majority of the gift card players are launching a fully digital platform to gain market share in Singapore.

    Several players, including Giftano and Mooments, have launched an online digital gifting platform, which allows both individuals as well as corporates in the country to buy gift cards seamlessly. Notably, this is helping gift card providers to reach more consumers efficiently, thereby increasing their market share.

    Some of the other strategies that are being pursued by gift card providers to increase their market share are having an extensive merchant network and market expansion. For instance, both Giftano and Mooments offer gift cards for well-known brands such as Lazada, Grab, and Zalora, among several others.

    The ability to buy cryptocurrencies using gift cards is boosting the market growth in Japan

    Another trend that is supporting the gift card market growth in Japan is the ability to buy cryptocurrencies through gift cards. Over the last few quarters, the popularity of cryptocurrencies has surged globally, and Japan is no different. This has led to the growing investment in digital coins, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

    With gift cards making it easier for consumers and investors to buy cryptocurrencies, the use of gift cards has also surged significantly over the last few quarters. Many customers use Japan VPNs to make purchases on line in order to increase security. Some of the platforms that allow consumers to buy cryptocurrencies using gift cards include Paxful and

    Apart from the ability to buy cryptocurrencies, payment firms are also allowing consumers to complete their purchases using cryptocurrencies through gift cards. For instance, Bitrefill is one such platform that allows consumers in Japan to convert their cryptocurrencies into gift cards at the point-of-sale transaction.

    Scope: This bundled offering provides the following detailed gift card market opportunity at country level

    Total Spend on Gifts

    • By Consumer Segment (Retail and Corporate)
    • By Product Categories (13 Segments)
    • By Retail Sectors (7 Segments)

    Gift Card Market Size by KPIs across Consumer Segments

    • Gross Load Value
    • Transaction Value
    • Unused Value
    • Average Value Per Transaction
    • Transaction Volume
    • Average Value of Card Purchased
    • Number of Cards

    Gift Card Market Size by Consumer Segment

    • Retail Consumer
    • Corporate Consumer (Small Scale, Mid-Tier, Large Enterprise)

    Digital Gift Card Market Size

    • By Retail Consumer
    • By Retail Purchase Occasion
    • By Corporate Consumer
    • By Corporate Purchase Occasion
    • By Company Size

    Gift Card Market Size by Retail Consumer

    • By Functional Attribute
    • By Occasion1. Festivals & Special Celebration Days
      2. Milestone Celebration
      3. Self-Use
      4. Other
    • Value by Purchase Channel

    Gift Card Spend by Consumer Behavior and Demographics

    • Consumer Purchase Behaviour
    • Gift Card Buyer by Age Group
    • Gift Card Buyer by Income Level
    • Gift Card Buyer by Gender

    Gift Card Market Size by Corporate Consumer

    • By Functional Attribute
    • By Occasion1. Employee Incentive
      2. Sales Incentive
      3. Consumer Incentive
    • By Scale of Business

    Gift Spend by Product Categories (Split by Retail and Corporate Consumers)

    • Food & Beverage
    • Health, Wellness & Beauty
    • Apparel, Footwear & Accessories
    • Books & Media Products
    • Consumer Electronics
    • Restaurants & Bars
    • Toys, Kids, and Babies
    • Jewelry
    • Sporting Goods
    • Home & Kitchen Accessories & Appliances
    • Travel
    • Entertainment & Gaming
    • Other

    Gift Card Spend by Retail Sector (Split by Retail and Corporate Consumers)

    • Ecommerce & Department Stores
    • Restaurants & Bars
    • Supermarket, Hypermarket, Convenience Store
    • Entertainment & Gaming
    • Specialty Stores
    • Health & Wellness
    • Travel

    Gift Card Spend by Distribution Channel (Split by Retail and Corporate Consumers)

    • Gift Card Online Sales
    • Gift Card Offline Sales
    • 1st Party Sales
    • 3rd Party Sales
    • Sales Uplift

    Closed Loop Gift Card Market Share by Key Retailers. Key Retailers Covered Include:

    • Wesfarmers Ltd
    • Woolworths Ltd (Australia)
    • Metcash Ltd
    • Aldi Group
    • Harvey Norman Holdings Ltd
    • JB Hi-Fi Ltd
    • Apple Inc
    • SM Retail Inc
    • Puregold Price Club Inc
    • Rustan Group of Cos
    • Seven & I Holdings Co Ltd
    • Hutchison Whampoa Ltd
    • Metro AG
    • San Miguel Corp
    • Salim Group
    • Trans Retail Indonesia PT
    • Matahari Putra Prima Tbk PT
    • Sumber Alfaria Trijaya Tbk PT
    • Delhaize Group Sa
    • Kompas Gramedia Group
    • Ace Hardware Corp
    • NTUC FairPrice Co-operative Pte Ltd
    • Dairy Farm International Holdings Ltd
    • Shen Siong Supermarket Pte Ltd
    • Takashimaya Co Ltd
    • Mustafa Holdings Pte Ltd
    • Courts Asia Ltd
    • Al Futtaim Group LLC
    • Yamada Denki Co Ltd
    • Tesco Plc
    • Central Retail Corp
    • Home Product Center PCL
    • Mall Group Co Ltd, The
    • Charoen Pokphand Group
    • Alibaba Group Holding Ltd
    • Inc
    • Auchan Group SA
    • Wal-Mart Stores Inc
    • Bailian Group Co Ltd
    • Yonghui Superstores Group
    • Flipkart Online Services Pvt Ltd
    • Tata Group
    • Future Group
    • Reliance Group
    • Inc
    • Aditya Birla Group
    • K Raheja Corp
    • AEON Group
    • Lawson Inc
    • FamilyMart Co Ltd
    • Rakuten Inc
    • Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd
    • Lotte Group
    • Shinsegae Co Ltd
    • Hyundai Department Store Co Ltd
    • GS Holdings Corp
    • SK Planet Co Ltd
    • BGF Retail Co Ltd
    • Costco Wholesale Corp

    For more information about this report visit

             Laura Wood, Senior Press Manager
             [email protected]
             For E.S.T Office Hours Call 1-917-300-0470
             For U.S./CAN Toll Free Call 1-800-526-8630
             For GMT Office Hours Call +353-1-416-8900
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    TOP4 Cryptos to look at after the correction of January

    New year, new dreams, new chances. While Bitcoin struggles at around $40,000 in the middle of January 2022, we are looking for some promising alts and let us tell you where we see the next ’boom’.

    Coins that are on a TOP exchange are often already so profitable that you just wish to know them before they got listed. Well from now, we might be excepting a bigger growth on these project so keep an eye on them:

    1, Harmony (ONE)

    Harmony is a really considerable altcoin out there if you haven’t considered it already.

    Harmony and its own blockchain brings a new color into the cryptospace and providing many more smaller projects a great place to rise and shine.

    If Harmony’s native token ONE can continue its growing just like did it in the past than it is safe to say we are in a good position to invest in it right now.

    ONE’s All Time High is at $0.3798 and it is now at $0.188 and if it can manage to break its record than it can be as good investment as our other picks.

    ONE can be traded at: Binance, KuCoin,

    2, KRYZA Network

    Our dream is to catch a top100 coin before they are even hit top1000, right? Well, right now luck will might be with you on this one.

    KRYZA Network is a social platform connected to its crypto-exchange (KRZYZA Exchange) and it is trying to revolutionize and speed up the global adaption of cryptocurrencies. Right now the network running as a beta version, it will have a large educational material for its users which will teach them about crypto. After a succesful learning process, users can access to KRYZA Exchange to try out the learned topics in practice on their exchange developed by the team itself.

    KRN and KRX (the two tokens of the project) has great potential especially if you listen to the news. There are rumors that they are talking about a TOP5 crypto-exchange listing which would hype up the price incredibly. But even without the listing, the price should go up extremely high when the project comes out with its development.

    You can already try out the beta version of this social platform. DYOR here:

    KRN’s ATH is at $0.00002737 while now being traded for $0.00000035 per piece and it can be a great addition to your portfolio since it has climbed more than 40% in the past week.

    Our guess: When every development is coming out for KRYZA, we can imagine a huge, even 10-20x growth in its price.

    KRN is available at: HotBit

    KRX is available at: IndoEx

    3, Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR)

    Hedera Hashgraph is not a blockchain technology. Hedera is building its own technology and it is quite different than the technology we are used for. They call it Hashgraph which is working a bit different than other blockchains.

    Hedera and its coin HBAR are offering something new and we are excited to see it rise and shine

    HBAR’s All Time High is at $0.5701 and it is currently at $0.2325 so once again just like the others we are in a safe position to get in.

    HBAR an be traded at: Binance, KuCoin.

    4, Helium (HNT)

    When we were picking Helium we have considered the difference it is offering with its mining mechanism.

    Helium offers (and connects us with) several mining hardwares to earn Helium’s token, HNT. This „mining” is a bit different than the others: you order a device, it is like a WiFi router, it doesn’t consume much more energy than those too, and it is earning you HNT if you are in a profitable safe. You can also check Helium’s live map about the installed devices and see it yourself if you are the missing part building its network.

    HNT’s reord in its price is at $55.22 and now is at $0.2325 and you can get a regular, monthly income with it, just like with KRYZA Network mentioned before.

    HNT can be traded at: Binance, FTX, KuCoin.

                We hope that you liked our list and have found something interesting to DYOR.

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    DETO: How You Can Invest Through Liquidity Mining, Staking, and More

    Delta Exchange is a crypto derivatives exchange where traders can trade in options, futures, and interest rate swaps on Bitcoin and 50 other altcoins with up to 100x leverage. It offers several innovative products unique in themselves, including Turbo Options, Calender Spreads, etc. The exchange strives to develop itself as the most liquid, advanced, and recognized crypto derivatives exchange for both institutional and retail investors in the market. It has a user base of more than 27,000 registered users active on the platform.   

    DETO is the native token of the exchange, with several functionalities and use cases. Before we begin exploring the investment routes for DETO available on Delta Exchange, let’s first grab some insights on what makes DETO much more than a native token.

    What is DETO?

    DETO is an ERC-20 based utility and rewards token integral to the exchange. DETO is the life force behind the current incentive plans for active traders and liquidity providers in the Delta ecosystem. Interestingly, the DETO’s tokenomics directly consequence in the growth of the exchange. The DETO driven incentives add to the existing liquidity and trading volumes at the exchange, increasing the value of DETO based rewards. Some of its utilities include:

    ●      Traders can pay 25% of their trading fees in DETO. Traders can buy DETO below MSP(Minimum Selling rice) and realize a higher price by using DETO to pay trading fees.

    ●      DETO can also be used as collateral for margin trading on the exchange. The traders can margin positions in DETO while the settlement would take place in BTC or USDT only. 

    ●      DETO will have its own line of products structured and fitted around it. These products will be exclusively margined and settled in DETO.  

    ●      Delta exchange has a DETO denominated insurance pool where DETO holders will be able to stake and earn yield.

    ●      Delta has developed an extensive DETO rewards program to incentivize the traders who participate in trading and other aspects of Delta. Around 20% of the DETO supply (or 100 million DETO) have been committed to the rewards pool to be distributed for a period of 12-18 months. Traders will be given daily DETO rewards for participating in farming, mining, and staking on Delta exchange. Let’s explore these rewards programs under the investment section further.

    How can You Earn and Invest in DETO on Delta Exchange?

    Delta offers delta-exclusive strategies and reward programs that traders can opt for to start investing in DETO and enjoy its utilities:

    #1 Staking

    The staking program is primarily used to set up the DETO denominated pool on the lines of BTC and USDT denominated pools already active on the platform. All the DETO  holders will be able to stake their DETO into the pool and earn yields. Staking DETO tokens will be beneficial to the traders and the platform in two ways.

    ●      Firstly, it would help reduce the circulating supply of DETO, increasing the worth of each DETO token.

    ●      Secondly, the resultant insurance fund will attract other large trading firms and funds to trade on the exchange. The current Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on the DETO staking pool is 16%.

    Delta has further plans to launch risk-free deposit schemes aimed at reducing the circulating supply of DETO. Traders should note that the staking yield from the DETO insurance pool will be higher than the returns from the deposit schemes.

    #2 Liquidity Mining

    The traders aren’t required to do or follow any particular tasks to start mining DETO on the exchange. They just need to continue doing what they do, i.e., trading on the exchange. The mined DETO tokens would be proportionally credited to their wallet based on their share of capital deployed in the trading pools as they trade on the platform. Liquidity mining can be initiated via robo trading strategies active on Delta exchange.

    Delta exchange has several robo trading strategies available for its users where the users can deploy their capital into automated trading strategies that run on predetermined algorithms. These robo strategies include AMMs (Automated Market Makers) and trend-following algos. The traders can suit any robo strategy best suited to them to mine DETO while simultaneously earning potential yield from the strategy. To know more about robo strategies and how to start trading with them, click here.

    As of now, Delta offers a DETO APY of 21.8% on the Large Cap AMM(USDT) robo strategy, which has returns of 9.7%. The DETO exclusive Large Cap AMM strategy offers returns up to 6.9% and a DETO APY of 28%. Similarly, the other robo strategies offer the following DETO rewards:

    #3 Referral Mining

    Under the referral mining program, the traders on the exchange can also earn DETO on the trading activities of their referred users. The daily rewards on the referral mining programs will be distributed among the traders based on the proportion of trading volumes generated by their referred users.

    #4 Trade Farming

    Under trade farming, traders can earn DETO by trading on the exchange. Their proportion of rewards from the daily farming rewards pool will depend on their daily trading volume on the exchange. All the traders registered on the exchange will become automatically eligible for trade farming rewards. This feature is yet to be active on the exchange. 

    #5 DETO Buyback Program

    Under the buyback program, 25% of the trading fees earned on the platform would be used to buy freely circulating DETO, thereby reducing its supply. The DETO buyback program was launched in June 2021. The program will continue until at least 50% of the hard cap, i.e., 375 million DETO, will have been bought back. The bought-back DETO will be funneled back to the rewards pool to push forward the platform’s growth.

    Via this virtuous growth loop created by leveraging DETO, every trader who holds or invests in DETO will be benefited.

    At the macro level, the consequent growth of the platform would drive more contributors and traders onto the platform leading to an increase in trade volumes and revenues. This increase in revenues means more buying back of DETO and better replenishment of the rewards pool, better liquidity, and greater worth of the DETO token after each cycle of the loop.

    Traders can earn both passive and active income by investing in DETO and, in return, can add to the viability and growth of the platform. It’s a win-win situation for all!

    Don’t wait for luck bells to toll. Grab your trading lens, head over to Delta Exchange to invest in DETO, and earn your luck.

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    Contracoin CRE Cryptocurrency Makes U.S. Debut, Blockchain-Powered Platform Serves as Bridge Between Cryptocurrency, Real Estate Markets Los Angeles, November 10, 2021 – Contracoin, a global real estate blockchain-powered cryptocurrency platform, is now available in the United States. The established cryptocurrency efficiently and securely facilitates CRE transactions and allows commercial real estate brokers, owners, and property developers to gain exposure to international real estate investors. The company seeks to revolutionize the global real estate industry through an innovative blockchain platform that facilitates the seamless acquisition of properties using cryptocurrencies.

    “Contracoin is the bridge between cryptocurrency and the real estate markets,” said Barry Lipscombe, CEO of Contracoin, who notes the digital currency is the world’s second highest ranked real estate cryptocurrency by CoinMarketCap. “Our blockchain-powered platform opens the world to crypto property buyers by giving them access to properties in the U.S. and internationally and allowing them to pay for tangible assets using the Contracoin token.”

    Contracoin was launched in June 2018 internationally by a team that has served real estate brokers, owners, and investors across the world from its base in Australia for nearly three decades. The company provides buyers with access to international properties and allows investors to purchase properties using the Contracoin token – CTCN – which delivers opportunities to buy real estate assets that can provide income and capital gains.

    “Commercial real estate property owners and brokers are challenged when selling their properties in this historic CRE market where we are seeing record transaction volumes, accelerated pricing, robust investment activity and elevated levels of capital allocations by institutional investors seeking to place capital in real estate,” adds Lipscombe. “Those involved in moving CRE properties today must find quicker and more efficient ways to execute real estate transactions. Blockchain-powered cryptocurrency platforms, like Contracoin and its CTCN Tokens, are a perfect fit for those needing to expedite the deal or expand their pool of investors to a global market.”

    Investors, both buyers and sellers, who tap into the Contracoin platform and token can take advantage of Contracoin’s digital process to close deals quicker, while still providing the certainty and security they expect. Contracoin’s differentiators are that it focuses on quality commercial and residential properties in markets with an emerging real estate sector that’s exhibiting strong returns and high potential capital growth. Additionally, unlike a large percentage of other cryptocurrencies that can’t be used to purchase anything, Contracoin tokens can be used to buy a real estate product, which is a secure asset that offers potential income and capital gains. Property owners and developers are accepting up to 100% of a property’s selling price in Contracoin tokens or a combination of local currency and tokens, which delivers better liquidity options compared to other available real estate-based cryptocurrencies that only offer fractional ownership

    “The global real estate industry is in need of new technological solutions to streamline the transaction process – and now, it has one,” said Chris Adams, Chief Technology Officer of Contracoin. “We’ve found a way to revolutionize the worldwide real estate industry using a blockchain cryptocurrency network. We leverage state-of-the-art, Ethereum-based, smart contract technology to abolish errors, and ensure security, transparency, and stability during documentation.”

    Adams, who is based in Contracoin’s U.S. headquarters office in Los Angeles at 9701 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1000, Beverly Hills, CA, recently joined the firm after having worked with and for some of the best-known companies in the world, encompassing a wide variety of start-ups, charitable endeavors, brands and thought leaders. That includes such companies as Facebook, Amazon, National Storage, Sensis/Found Digital and Oxamii.

    Contracoin lists assets from countries across the world, through existing international real estate channels. Owners who wish to sell their properties can make them available to potential buyers on Contracoin’s property listing website. Contracoin then simplifies commercial real estate investment for investors by eliminating traditional barriers typically found within a complicated banking process that often includes excessive transaction fees.

    Contracoin is backed by the virtual barter network and by Contracoin’s parent company, Contracard. The company plans to establish and develop a global real estate platform and marketplace for global cryptocurrency investors. Using ERC-20 compatible Contracoin Tokens, and by leveraging state-of-the-art Ethereum-based smart contract technology, Contracoin eliminates manual errors and assures security, transparency, and immutability during documentation.

    How to Buy Contracoin Token

    Buying a Contracoin token is as simple as downloading the Contracoin wallet and following the steps to secure CTCN tokens. The Contracoin Wallet is a Mnemonics based mobile wallet that is highly secure, that stores crypto assets. It currently supports Contracoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT tokens. It respects privacy and does not save private keys anywhere, giving investors total control over their assets. They can easily switch between different mobiles and restore their assets by using a 12-Word Mnemonic phrase. The Contracoin Wallet App is available to download on the Google Play or Apple App Store.

    About Contracoin

    Contracoin is a global real estate blockchain-powered platform whose Contracoin token – CTCN – allows real estate agents, brokers, and property developers to gain exposure to international real estate investors. Contracoin was launched in June 2018 and now is making its debut in the United States, with an office in Los Angeles. The team behind Contracoin has served real estate brokers, owners, and investors across the world from its global base in Australia for nearly three decades. The company provides buyers with access to international properties and allows investors to purchase properties using the Contracoin token, which delivers opportunities to buy real estate assets that can provide income and capital gains.

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    ANFS ‘s High Performance Blockchain Consensus HPOS Launched to Increase Operational Efficiency And Scalability Of Blockchain Networks The optimization of consensus algorithms as a grip to improve the operational efficiency and scalability of blockchain systems has become an important direction of concern for industry and academia.

    As an efficient consensus mechanism is crucial for the whole blockchain system, fractional-based ANFS’s original Hybrid Proof of Sequence (HPOS), which integrates Proof of History(POH), Nominative Proof of Interest (NPOS), and Practical Byzantine (PBFT), and uses Verifiable Random Function (VRF) to select committee nodes and achieve consensus eventually, was recently unveiled. In HPOS, a consensus committee composed of multiple nodes completes transaction collection, transaction timing verification, block construction and final state confirmation of the blockchain, and adopts the NPOS mechanism as the incentive mechanism of the consensus committee.

    "Since the birth of Bitcoin, its underlying support technology, blockchain, has received widespread attention. Up to now, blockchain has been widely used in many fields such as finance, Internet of Things, and product traceability, while as a new type of Internet infrastructure, the application scenarios and application modes of blockchain have also shown a rapid update. However, in the process of further promoting the application scenarios of blockchain technology to the ground, the shortcomings of blockchain technology in terms of operational efficiency and scalability are also increasingly highlighted", said a developer.

    Hybrid Proof of Sequence, which is based on sharded technology and incorporates the core idea of POH consensus mechanism. Unlike the traditional POH consensus mechanism, the HPOS mechanism is based on the sharded technology, in which the network transactions are randomly assigned to multiple shards, and each shard is constructed by the shard consensus node selected by the VRF function to generate the transaction sequence of the shard, and any node within the shard can verify the shard by computing any fragment of the transaction sequence of the shard. Among them, the consensus nodes of each shard jointly form the network-wide consensus committee. To prevent collusion, the nodes in the consensus committee will be updated every certain time, and the NPOS mechanism is used to realize the incentive for the consensus committee nodes", he added.

    In the HPOS consensus mechanism, the participating nodes are divided into general user nodes, shard sequence generation nodes, and shard sequence verification nodes. General user node GU (General User). In the HPOS consensus algorithm, GUs do not participate in consensus directly, but are randomly assigned to different shards and can be informed of the latest status of the whole system through the P2P network. SG (Sequence Generator) is responsible for sorting the transactions in its shard, constructing the sequence of transactions in its shard, broadcasting the sequence of transactions in its shard within the shard using the Gossip protocol, and maintaining communication with SGs in other shard using the Kademlia protocol. A Sequence Verifier (SV) node is responsible for verifying the transaction sequences generated by the SG and broadcasting the results within the shard. In general, the SV has the same arithmetic power as the SG and can replace it in case of SG failure.

    "The HPOS consensus has certain hardware requirements for SG and SV, so at the beginning of the nodes entering the system, they need to prove their hardware performance, and the proof mechanism is like POW, where the first 11k nodes among n nodes will be selected. After that, by running the NPOS protocol, the top k nodes with the most votes among the 11k candidate nodes will form the consensus committee of the whole network, and the next 10k nodes will form the supervisory committee of the whole network. With the help of VRF, each SG node and every 10 SV nodes will be randomly assigned to each shard. This approach can effectively avoid the collision caused by fixing SGs and SVs in one shard", the developer maintained.

    According to the developer, each SV node in the shard will verify the generated shard transaction sequences in parallel, i.e., each SV node will be responsible for verifying 1/10 of the shard transaction sequences. Therefore, the verification speed of the shard transaction sequence will be ten times faster than its generation speed in general. When each SV in the shard completes the verification of the shard transaction sequence fragment it is responsible for, it will send the verification result with its own signature, and when all the verification results of all SVs in the shard are collected, it will release the shard transaction sequence and encapsulate the sequence into the block, and then announce the latest status of its shard blockchain to the whole network.

    Under the consensus of HPOS protocol, each shard maintains a unique shard transaction sequence, but no longer sets a unique transaction sequence for the whole network, i.e., the transaction sequence of the whole network is just a concatenation of the transaction sequences of each shard, and the transaction sequences are not sorted among the shard, the developer informed the press.

    About the Company

    Hybrid Proof of Sequence (HPOS) is a high-performance blockchain consensus algorithm from ANFS.


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